Critical Mousse

Not so long ago, Japanese izakaya - a style of restaurant featuring a variety of tidbits that are made to compliment sake, shochu, beer and other booze - were a rare sight on New York City [...]

Gershwin Theatre

We have a lot of travelers coming through New York city and most are seeing shows! Did you know that were right next to the Gershwin Theatre?

Johnny Prime Steaks

Thank you for the great review Johnny Prime Steaks. We hope to see you guys again very soon! Check out his full online review here and with pictures!

Mado At New York


Midtown Lunch

Team Tabata is at it again. Not to be content with two Tabata noodles restaurants, they’ve expanded to 51st St between Broadway and 8th Ave, with a new venture called Nippori New York.

The Village Voice

Tabata launched as a non-descript ramen joint on one of the least picturesque corners of Hell's Kitchen, under the overpass on West 39th Street and Ninth Avenue, but it quickly garnered our favor [...]