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Midtown Lunch

Midtown Lunch Review

Thank you Midtown Lunch for your most recent visit and your honest review of our restaurant. We hope to see you again soon and maybe give one of our popular dishes a try!

“Team Tabata is at it again. Not to be content with two Tabata noodles restaurants, they’ve expanded to 51st St between Broadway and 8th Ave, with a new venture called Nippori New York. Why they’ve chosen to cluster their restaurants so closely is somewhat of a mystery, but Nippori distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive Japanese menu. There is a full line-up of izakaya favorites, such as yakitori, roasted tuna collar, tempura, and the like, which make Nippori a fitting alternative when the crowds are fierce at Sake Bar Hagi or Yakitori Totto. And there’s a full sushi bar, although there’s little from either menus that would qualify as a Midtown lunch.”

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